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Pain and Sensory Needs Workbook


Understanding, Recognizing, and Modifying Sensory Factors Affecting Pain: A Workbook for People Managing Chronic Pain

Pain is a sensory experience, and at the same time, our sensory environments can influence pain. Each of us has our own individual set of sensory needs that affect how we feel and how well we function. When our sensory needs are not met, this can affect our pain experiences.


Currently in the United States, there are not enough professionals working with adults with chronic pain who are familiar with how to help people identify and manage their sensory needs.  


If you are managing chronic pain, need more specific guidance than you are able to find from online communities, and are not able to access one-on-one guidance from a professional who specializes in sensory processing, this 28-page workbook can act as a tool to help you get started with recognizing and learning to accommodate your sensory needs as one part of your comprehensive pain management plan.


If you are a healthcare provider or other professional supporting people with chronic pain, this workbook can be used as a tool to supplement your patient or client’s pain management toolkit.


This workbook is not intended to diagnose or treat any specific medical condition; rather, it is intended to act as a supplement to your existing set of pain management strategies, to be used in conjunction with consultation with a healthcare professional.


A downloadable PDF resource.


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