Free PDF kid’s book!

“Rosette! (Awesome. Autistic.)” by Iris Warchall

When my daughter was in kindergarten, we realized it would be helpful for us to share a book with her class that explained the reasons behind some of her autistic traits, to help our daughter and her classmates better understand and relate to each other.

I looked all over for a neurodiversity-affirming book that featured a elementary-aged female character with similar traits to my daughter’s… and couldn’t find one.

So, I made one! And it was a hit with her class!

After I read the book to her classmates, my daughter felt more confident about explaining herself when needed, and wound up saying she felt less like she needed to “be like everyone else” in order to have friends.

I figured I’d share this book with anyone else who could find it helpful for their child. Enjoy!

If you reproduce the book to share with others, I ask that you please do not make edits or remove my name from the document.